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Need a bookmark?

How about some mountains?

2" x 6" mountain bookmarks are now available!

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Still in the spooky spirit?

Ghost Cat

Youma (Ghost ) Cat, no so spooky after all! Super cute items... 

Memories of summer

  • Danger Cat

    Super cute design inspired by my cat Kino! The characters read "kiken" ("danger" in Japanese) and is one of her many nicknames!

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  • Youma Cat Blanket

    This cute ghost cat won't chill you to your bones, but keep you warm and cozy all season long!

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  • Totoro!

    The character who started it all. These masks look great with your winter attire while keeping your nose nice and warm!

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  • Dino's Rawr

    Originally designed for my nephew who loves dinosaurs, this T-Rex isn't as scary as they seem!

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